Brief on tidy data format

Data is essential in any analysis, and keeping it tidy and well-structured is even more important. Every next step will take you down the wrong path, if your initial data structure and format was not well-designed. Hence, it is worth taking an notice of some best practices.

Tidy data format

Tidy data has a specific format, as described by Hadley Wickham:

  • Each variable is a column
  • Each observation is a row
  • Each type of observational unit is a table

Julia Silge and David Robinson propose the following definition: a table with one-token-per-row.

Information sources:

  1. Tidy Data, Hadley Wickham, 2014 (link)
  2. Text mining with R – A Tidy Approach, Julia Silge and David Robinson, 2017 (link)

Note: this blog will be progressively updated to capture the core components of tidy data format.

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